Monday, February 26, 2007

My Old School

hey kids...most of you know by now that my best bud and yours, brad shanks, is throwing in the towel and moving to kansas this week...the deep wounds this tragedy will leave can only be healed by everyone coming out of the wood-work for a going away's gonna be at Daddy's(graham ave.+frost) tonight around 9 or 10 or whenever you can stop by...there will be a mic for toasting and or roasting...don't flake, show the boy you care...peace

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bing Bong

theres alot going on this get yr shit str8 nyc...i'm djing for one hour tonight at lit(2nd ave btw 5th+6th)...9-10...if yr out come see me...all this record playin reminds me of the first time i played records was a savannah house party and i remembered vividly what i played...some swords by champs, warsaw by joy division, nervous breakdown by black flag, and a long mogwai song....needless to say i was booted off immediately so the real djs could get back to playing minimal techno...this was 1999 you i guess i kinda predicted the future, huh?....i mean how long could chicago jazz rock bands really be popular?...i mean c'mon, bring a book.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mary And Child

man, the records neurosis and born against made in the early 90s really hold up...enemy of the sun is really bubbling my bongwater at the moment...ash wednesday today, i'm giving up beer and booze...just red wine at dinner...for the anti-oxidents...hopefully this will make me less of a depressing weirdo...watched the new chabrol movie, "bridesmaid"...he's still got it!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lucifers Friend

lately i've been learning some things...just because a band is rare and hard rock and from the 70s, it doesn't mean its good...also, drinking more than a quart of water a day may not be that great for you...overall, i'm still enjoying life, thanks for asking.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'M Wearing My Pinks

yay! valentines day!...ive been a lazy blogger but ive been busy with fun projects...SUPER!....been watching alot of super nanny and wife swap...SCARY!....saw a thing on polygyny mormons last night, these fat ass conbread dudes basically get to boink themselves young by just getting teenage wives when the old one wears out...they even say that jesus had multiple wives and tons of kids...maybe theres hope for us after all.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Rainbows and Ridges

had to put this up...also had to say how much i love this guy...dunno why...maybe it's this country record i'm listening to.

Stiches Are For Snitches

the following message is from Megan Pflug...
Hi everyone. Hope to see you tonight at my opening.
The Gallery is called V&A it's at 98 Mott just above
Canal St.6-9pm. you got that?...wanna see yr ass there...or i'm telling Bob.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Teach The Children

hey dudes, sam jayne got a new job as bartender at hanger bar...he also got the job of making the place "cool" he fucked up and asked me and wildman to dj tonight...i'm goin on the early side cuz of my day job....come by and say hello, maybe have a peice of candy, u know the drill.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Love For Sale

dudes, this is the art that is currently for sale at's all 100 dollars...a steal right?....well email me at or myspace me if you are interested...if you have already purchased something, i should have all your info....if not, you should email me too...god bless.

The Fine Columbian

weekends weeks been bananas, glad it's suberbowl weekend...tonight my buddy jon flipflop is djing some art thing with thurston moore at gavin brown enterprise...should be sweet...panthers are playing a loft party as well...can't miss that...ate dinner with ted last night, he had wild stories of LA shittiness...i figure he'll move there soon...prolly be on evr tomorrow(gay beach) talking the usual shit and listening to ted's bob james records...and sunday, don't forget to be a true patriot and come to daddys after the superbowl to listen to "whoomp there it is"...alot.