Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Angel Eyes

This one takes me back. I bought this at 19 after hearing Warm Jets and figuring out Roxy was Eno's first band. This was also due to my 2 older buds in college being super Anglophiles that played darts and listened to Oasis and didn't take shit off of anyone. They once fought some guys from the local Army base at a bar with a mechanical bull. They typically got the jump on peckerwoods starting shit because they figured 2 dudes that looked like they tried out to play bass in Blur couldn't fight. I never had as much fun in my life as i did raising hell with those dudes. Cheers.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Broken Frame

Depeche Mode's second record. I always thought Vince Clark was on this one, turns out he had already left to start Yazoo. Stay tuned for more boring trivia!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Record Covers

One thing i try to do on the reg is make drawings of my records. I have hundreds of them and i never get tired of going through them for inspiration. This is Alan Vega's first solo record.
Check this out if need a refresher.

New Attitude!

Hey blog-dawgs, welcome to the relaunch of Kountry Crafts! KC 2.0! I've decided that I need an outlet again for weird ideas, art in progress, and little drawings that i make daily. It's really just another cheap ploy to make everyone pay attention to me, but my therapist think it will help me release my inner angel. So here we go! Get ready for court ordered creativity! Let's start with this painting of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, never heard of em? google 'em dude.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Party In The Limosine

Hey guys, i thought i would share my 72 hour trip to Los Angeles. I've been told to keep up with my blogging. This is my first post since July, obviously this is a top priority due to becoming famous since then. Moving on, I went out to LA for an opening I'm in and a little drawing event. Just keep reading and all will be explained. This photo show me enjoying my first passion in life, taking stupid photos.

This is my mini-show at TENOVERSIX. It was pretty intense with the live models and all.
But i had a gin gimlet and just tried to act natural. I kinda stuck out at this thing being the only male there that didn't look like a "Twilight" stunt double. It's cool though, God don't make no junk.
Warm-up portrait of Gia. I sent this to Megan and she replied "Great portait!, Looks nothing like Gia though". If that isn't a testament to my portrait skills i don't know what is.

This is the after party that Dexter put together in the storefront at her studio. The idea was that i would draw extremely fast portraits for 3 hours. I really thought i could draw way faster than i actually can. This night put my talents to the test as you will see. Plus, i painted this ghost cat directly after being on a plane for 6 hours, you can practically see me losing my mind in the cats line work. Woof!

Here's a photo of a gorgeous 14 yr old Chocolate Lab.

And here's the drawing!

Here's a photo of a beautiful French Bulldog.

And here's the drawing! ok, enough of that.

Sunday i went with Gia and Nick to the beach in Malibu. I think i bummed Gia out by doing Super Dave Osbourne/Funkhauser/Bob Einstein impressions, (it's easy just say "Larry" like you are taking your last breath before dying) sorry dude, i have problems. The beach turned out to be super rocky. So, the surf was definitely NOT up. Sorry bras!

This beach translates to "The Matador". Hey California, you don't have to give everything a spanish name. That's just lazy.

We made a sand sculpture of our 16th president. I originally called it "Abrasand Lincoln" but, after we started talking about Gore Vidal's revelation that he was a repressed homosexual and putting a flower behind his ear, we landed on "Gaybraham Lincoln". We didn't have time to do a Mary Todd, plus it would have been a pretentious and boring sand sculpture.

As we were leaving, the heavens opened up. It was as if God was saying "Bye, Ya'll"

After Mexican food in Hippy Canyon we went to this party in Silverlake. I didn't know the hosts and I didn't know what the party was for. However, i do know that they had a teepee in the yard. Peace ya'll!
Nick, Nate and I left the party kinda early to go to a Pulp Fiction style diner and have a coffee and made speeches like they do in those amazing movies from the 90's. We covered all the relevant topics, Madonna, Quarter Pounders w Cheese, and the Smurfs, it was riveting, you should've been there . Then I got very excited about the above photo. It's Nate's medicinal dope certificate. I was very stoked on this until i saw that he was born in 1985. Then i felt like an old creep.

Here's the cat i painted during the daytime. You can really see the detail, a true masterpiece.

Gia's table at the studio she shares with everyone I know in LA. Order something from her before she's too popular to be a fan of.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Live Caracitures This Sunday!

Hey folks, I'll be rendering live portraits this Sunday at this vintage sale for 25$ a pop. I'll also be selling signed copies of my book "Castles and Christians" with a 1 of a kind piece of original art in each book. I should be there from about 2pm till 7pm.  Come out!

Monday, July 13, 2009

American Friend Tomorrow!

The Union Film Society is pleased to announce that the Wim Wenders classic "THE AMERICAN FRIEND" is our next film to be screened on TUESDAY JULY 14th. Mark your calendars kids, this ones got it all, intrigue, drugs, rare blood diseases, and Dennis Hopper! Come early for a good seat!
Here's the trailer

Monday, June 29, 2009

Vernon, Florida, Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night marks the second screening at the Cinema at Union Pool and it's probably the best one in the series. This film documents the strange inhabitants of a Florida panhandle town in 1981. I don't want to spoil it for you, so just come check it out for yourself! You can read what Janet Maslin said about it here and you can RSVP here

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Film Screenings!

Hey folks, Tomorrow night marks the first screening of a 16mm film series i'm curating at the theater at Union Pool(484 Union Ave.). It's pretty casual, just show up a few minutes early for a good seat, lights go down at 9 sharp, this ain't no dj night.  I also invite any suggestions or ideas you guys might have for films or film-like events(no porno). So this is a no-brainer right?, it's air conditioned, dark, and free, what the hell else are you gonna do? Great, here's where you RSVP. Oh, and if you want to find out more about this film try reading this

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Live Charicatures @IHeart NYC, Tomorrow!!!

Man, long time no blog, huh?.... Well i've been busy dudes, don't judge... But tomorrow is your chance to be immortalized by my pen for a mere 20$ a drawing... I'm getting pretty good at this, as you can plainly see... so strike while the irons hot... here are the details:

262 Mott St.
MAY 20th

FINAL WOWCH DAY SALE at I HEART. (I know now I'm gonna be stuck peddlin' at one of those awkward group sample/holiday sales)
FINAL CHANCE TO HAVE FUN AND GET RIPPED AT I HEART. (shes closing permanently after this weekend).

-wowch stuff on supersale ranging from $10 to 30 dollars, including kinda never before seen FALL/WINTER 2009 designs and one of a kind gems....
-DJ appearance by the remaining members of THe RaPTURE
-low priced on the spot caricature drawings provided by famous NYC artist J PENRY 
-hot chicks

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here Come The Sex Girls

Hey guys, long time no blog.... Come check this flea market out on saturday if you are in the neighborhood. I think it's gonna be like 98 degrees or something. I'll be playing some new 4 dollar records as well. Don't blow it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


well, the stars aligned and shone down on me because i'm djing a show with some major rock heavyweights... ok, maybe they don't play rock, but they still rip.... plus you can hear me play some Visage b-sides, what could be better?.... here's the ticket info, don't miss it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Innernette

Hey kids,  i finally took the plunge and got myself some inner-webspace. Tell all your friends but don't show your mom, it has boobs on it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tool Academy

Hey guys, this sunday we're doing it again... They said it couldn't be done, against all odds, money for nothing, etc, etc..... We are running scared like Crystal and Hines.... Translation: Max and I are playing records after the Superbowl this Sunday at Daddys (graham ave. & frost).... It's like dancing in the in-zone for 6 hours or having a winning streak like Tom Landry or riding on Joe Namath's motorcycle.... That means it's fun guys....I WANT MY MTV.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dire Straights

tomorrow i shall be committing caricatures live to paper for a low fee of 25$.... If you have ever wondered how i might mangle your good looks, now is your chance to find out.... plus it makes a great valentines gift, what better way to say "i love you"?.... ok then, here are the details in case my handwriting is misleading:

Octopi Studio Sale
Jan 24th

705 Driggs Ave, Buzzer 19

J Penry(live caricatures)
Antonisse Ceramics
Sovereign Beck Ties

Thursday, January 15, 2009

B. Ware

Made this some time ago, but it was a poster for something else that i was never quite pleased with. I still love this gorilla though and i've been very lax with the art posting lately. Takes a while to get my groove back so don't write me off blogosphere, i got worries.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thanks For The Mammaries

This is an actual storefront in Phoenicia NY.... Which part of it do you find the most terrifying?
At first i thought it was that she had receding hairline, but i changed my mind when it was pointed out that she has no fingers.

These two decided to forge an everlasting friendship in the wilderness.... Joe and I watched "Rock Of Love", which is an equally bonding experience. 

"Elimination really sucks for me"- Bret Michaels.

Meg, Joe, Val, and I went upstate in a blizzard last weekend... Sounds crazy don't it?.... Well thats what separates the lions from the cubs.... This is Mohonk Mountain House, we snuck in to enjoy tea time and a roaring fire.