Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Cuervo Gold

just got back from bama kids...had a blast...saw a funk band in a bar in my home town that did funkadelic songs, plus white rappers would freestyle...alot, actually...then at the bar down the street there was a sublime cover band!...complete with white dude dreads...why did i ever move away?...they didn't appreciate me yelling at them to play the silver bullet band, but what can u do? a few 45s for me and brad's triumphant return as the shittiest sports themed dj's ever...its at daddy's this sunday after the game...just remember that we were asked to do this so no booing when we don't play the shins or whatever people like these days...think more like "i can't drive 55" and you won't be so bummed...aside from that i really missed new york for 5 days and i'm happy to be back among friends...thanks to everyone who came to the show last was overwhelmingly awesome to have all my loved ones there and the strangers i just have to yell at tim harrington for breaking the f'n store.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Whiiiirrrr...Turn To The Right

yo...ive been totally not blogging lame...this will be my last entry for a week, cuz i got no computer in alabama, or maybe i will but its my brothers shitty PC...anywho...i'm djing at motorcity tonight for vietnams record release afterparty...i hope with jordan bennet, hes super fun cuz he only plays 60's 45s...i dunno what time but prolly around midnight or so...come out, it'll be weird...oh, and come to my damn art show on thursday or you're off my christmas card list.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Whoot! There it is

going to mission of burma tonight...should be super rad...looks like im going bowling next week, hope i do well enough to enter the next round week is so full of events i dunno what to do, cept fly to alabama on friday...gotta get outta town fer a understand.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shake Your Rumpety-Rump

They Like Disco

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made a great playlist for my pod yesterday...almost choked up on the train when karen dalton came on...."something on your mind" i think it was...i wonder why all these gypsters and weirdos can make a killing off copying a lady who never made a dime off her music...guess thats an old story huh?...i guess i pretty much rip alot of dudes off, so who am i to trash talk...i love when people make bizarre amalgamations of influences and do something totally these boys in the vid...i know i endlessly harp on The Jewish,but goddamn it, look at how much fun this is.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cooley High

remember that snowboard i designed?....well it's almost out, heres the catalog if you wanna take a peek:
big shout to maya, hers is the best one i think...i drew this picture of my old bff marilyn, we used to drink vodka str8
and listen to silver apples on repeat...she was the wildest friend i've ever had, i thank the lord everyday cuz she aint dead...anyway, if you wanna see this one or buy it, you gotta come to the show at iheart next excuses.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Weekend Warriors

hey go see the WOWCH twins rip me off at Maze Gallery in Philly tonight
5pm-10pm 1726 Chestnut St. 3rd Floor...

oh hey dudes, how goes it?...uh huh......uh, cool....
hey i know what would be fun!
listen to me on the computer tomorrow when i tear Gay Beach a new one!
its totally from 2-4pm the 13th...
its totally live!
even better if u wanna come to the studio and have a burger or some franks with me or
play mp3s or just gossip, its on 1st.ave and 1st.street...come hang with mr cooper

With Friends Like These...

sometimes if im bummed, i can do something simple like got to my friends show or party and i can completey turn a 180...i get so excited about how many rad people i know doing rad things...i live for dancing on a table in my fave bar to "the boys are back in town"...i totally see why paris does it so much...when i was little and shoveling shit and being ridiculed at school, i knew i would grow up and make them all almost at my goal.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


this is officially bonkers

We Gonna Make It!

weeks almost over...megan and i now plan all our meals at home a week in advance and cook everynight...these are uncharted waters indeed...being healthy rips though, have to say...jewish and endless boogie tonight at cake shop, gonna be rad for sure...wish i was going to philly tomorrow night to hang at wowch art show, but i gotta guest host the gay beach on in to hear pretty much cheeseburger for 2 hours, saturday 2-4pm...late.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For Cereal Ya'll

used to have a boys club when i first moved to nyc...guys i graduated with who wanted to make art, was called dropframe...woulda been cool but egos are a funny thing, they generally kill these kinds of communal efforts to try to pool a group of creative assets to make something bigger than the individual...i guess it's the kind of thinking you can rationalize while living in a bubble in college, thinking that you can take your name off something and still have all the glory...i don't speak to 50% of these guys anymore, but it isn't because of hard feelings or bitterness...i chalk it up to growing pains, which would make me the "boner" of the group...since i just wanted to draw all the time, i never really felt like what i was doing could co-exsist in a communal effort...i was outside the family structure, a "boner" if you will...sorry to make that crappy reference twice but i'm enjoying myself...i guess i'm talking about this because i did alot of drawings with "dropframe" in the title and i just wanted to explain where it came from before i post them...and to finally write about that part of my life that i can barely remember now...anywho.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Never Too Early

to get going on advertising art events!...i know it's a bit early but i gotta get it on your brain somehow.

Roll Away...The Dew

got a little weird this weekend kids...a football playoff party turned into a trip to see a grateful dead cover band that turned into some of the funniest things ive seen in a while...these funny things led to being ejected from said cover band performance...then we pretended to be yuppies from out of town at mars bar, not that hard to pull off or far from the truth btw...i awoke sunday to tremendous pain but my name got printed in the nytimes for the upcoming calvacade at iheart on the i called my mom and made her buy one...pretty good one.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Smart Cookie

went to ryan mcginley's show last night on the off chance morrissey would be there...he was a no show but his look-a-like jeff davis was there....had a few with him and lucky and then i went and had a chicken huh?...fell asleep to "the big sleep", witty huh?...we locked the date down for my show at iHeart for the 25th of january...mark your calenders...we're selling 25 books that contain a one of a kind drawing inserted in them...i'm showing 20 new my fave djs andy macleod and johnny rad are playing boogie rock and jam songs...i'll have a flyer soon...don't miss this one...oh, this is a pic of cheeseburger, their new record is saving my life...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bird In The Hand

been watching alot of grisly stuff lately...Donner Party, Wisconsin Death Trip, Black Christmas remake, etc....not sure what the deal is, just enjoying the macabre...don't take this drawing the wrong way or the words of james brown"i moved over on the white side of town, didn't bother me...i ain't predjudice."