Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby Jane Hudson

sara made me a rad meal and then i passed out watching Rambo 2 while drinking pacifico and smoking a vanilla flavored joint...sounds like i made it up dont it?...max texted me that hes wearing my new dolphin tits shirt in dan marinos steakhouse in las vegas...also sound made up?...wearing an amzing outfit today and its doing wonders for my esteem...i'm gonna start drawing tons of pics of bette rad.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


for anyone who came by enids last night and had to endure radiohead or whatever that dude plays...sorry..i was informed there was nothing going on and i could test stuff out and jam a bit but it was not so...also if ive seemed really nasty and bitter about stuff lately please just bear with searching for my rainbow connection...other than that bloods killed last night and dinosaur made my head fall off...oh, and i think i might be sponsered by coors putting together my bikini team so come out to the first annual kountrycrafts community carwash and you guys can wash licoln continentals from Northside.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shit Luck

tonight i'm going to enids before brad plays with dinousaur jr. to install the new sound system...i'm going to christen it with my intimidating record collection if anybody wants to hang out after the show...i don't know how i turned into the schneider of enid's but fuggit...i get free food for a while out of this...and have you had those ice cream sandwiches?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Corporate Sponsership

man...don't drink everclear and eat spacecake like it won't cause you to have a complete emotional and physical breakdown...thats what i'll tell my kids if i ever have any...hope this drawing doesn't offend anybody...particularly someone from a sister college...blogging has been a pain today...i'm just now getting this shithead to work and its like 4pm...wah wah.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Talk To The Hand

this might be the most event packed weekend ever joke, tons of things to do and see...i'll prolly do about half...number 1 thing im looking forward to is the fire dept. light show at Jensens battle of the bands...i'm just gonna keep it breezy and try not to pass out from too much fun...i'm buying a bunch of HeadOn and im rubbing where it hurts.

Holy Shirt

samples are out...reserve yr shirt today!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm Easy

got these postcards for my show yesterday...the printing is super nice...i can't believe this shit is happening...i'm gonna need everybody at this thing so mark yr calenders...."hey you wanna go tubing on the lazy river saturday sept. 16th at night?"...the answer is "no"...i'm kinda kidding but i will be hounding all of you to come out...i got 2 booze sponsers!...what more do you want from me?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If I Say It's The Weekend....

got tickets to dinosaur/blood on the wall for tuesday at crazy to see them play must suck to not live here and like music...fat cat records is using my blood hands drawing on their website, i was stoked on that...jeff jensen is having a battle of the bands on saturday at his annual unity vibe block party...10 bands, plus someone is doing fleetwood mac!!!!...i hope its rhiannon...watched reno 911 last night and i am still sexually attracted to kerri kenney..even if pregnant...dunno why i drew this...maybe sexual frustration.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One Of These Nights

had amatuer sketch night at max fish the other night...these are my drawings of tino and sara...doesnt really look like them i know...but i like em anyway...bought an eagles 45 last night for a dollar...can't believe what i wanna listen too these days...maybe you really do turn into your dad like everyone says...brad came to see me last night at the bar...i got shit for the bar being empty but a bunch of kids came through late night so i got good money...when dudes air solo to Budgie it totally shreads.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Party On Wayne

as you can see i've clearly made up with nyc's most loveable clowns...look for me
in the thursday style section this week!...kidding...but seriously the kid with my shirt is a waiter at Relish in the burg and he's hilarious cuz he's a terrible waiter...i love smart-ass's one of my things...but ya'll should come say hi to me cuz that bar can be super weird if yr djing solo...fer real.

The Politics Of Dancing

had a great weekend just like the stars said...friday i got weeded and had my favorite dj set of all time...complete with screaming along with "stigmata"...sounds retarded but it ruled in my brain...saturday i got a boggs shirt max made and then they played and melted my brain...note to other bands...ALWAYS sample "Rock N Roll pt.1" rips in a shea stadium kind a way...also saw "t-nights" again, still so gd'ed funny...went to lit and got wastered with Sara, Foss(sober), Leo, and a little Matt D...most fun ive had there in years...this due to "Jump Into The Fire" being played...sunday i had record brunch with max...not bad. this is a drawing for my father who i love dearly.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wind In The Willows

cant stop buying oxford shirts at j crew...cant stop watching my simpson dvd's...this would explain the drawing of chili boots...and i'm going to see a band called "coyote" horrorscope is apparently always says my weekend will be amazing...i can't wait...i think i'm gonna wash my hair and eat bon bons.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Leave My Fucking Life Alone

obsessed with GBV lately...i now have the holy trinity..Propeller, Bee Thousand, and Alien Lanes which i got at Kim's on Matadors Super Saver series...Samara was working and she congradulated me on my i got the freak folk vote...hit me up if u dig this shit as much as me, i'll chat it to ya.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lord Summerisle

a lady was reading "g-string mysteries" on the train today...her fake hair smelled passionate...watched Wickerman on im scared of trees and deers again...bonnie billy looks pissed in this one...prolly just my new white shirt...more on that later.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mother's Thorny Breast

weird weekend...i was at the damn pool for 3 days str8 it felt was so rad to see blood on the wall do their new rad to eat cous cous and thurston's famous bbq chicken but red bull is no substitute for water...talked shit on the radio and gave an asian fitz while she was trying to run a de-myspaced by some people, it happens to me alot, weird...this is a drawing of eric, he used to punch wimps alot.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


ok so if u havn't seen the collectors edition of "Mommie Dearest" you need to do so today....john waters commentates the entire movie and it's awesome no brainer...he totally blames christina and calls her ungrateful...hahahaha...yeah she should've loved her dresses more...dumb bitch.

I'm An Ideas Man Michael

can't stop watching arrested development...season 3 better be a reality soon...started wearing a headband due to longiness of hair...don't wanna end up like david crosby...but i might like to impregnate a lesbian and make the baby in this drawing.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Danger Management

watched a ton of ELO videos today...jeff lynne is my favorite lately...whats up with roxy music kinda ripping off the moves look?...and the weird 50's thing roxy kinda aped one cares but nerds...wonder why baseball players wanna cheat with trashy LIE hookers and not jcrew models or some shit?...i dont really care as long as it doesn't affect the Mets golden season...still love ya Lo Duca...did this drawing when i watched grey gardens on vhs i got from a library in amherst had a big impact on me,fashion wise...i still wear upside-down sweaters for pants.


jill had a surprise party last night...we all had to be real quiet and the yell "SURPRISE" like we were in a episode of family matters...max played the gayest music it was super fun...i smoked a little bit of a joint and went home and ate linguini...hump day is going pretty good today, even though there isn't anybody at work i wanna hump.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stocking Stuffer

Almost saw "Nights" again but brad blew me off to sleep...max sent me the Teeth Of The Hydra record...holy moly, shit rips..."Sawing Through The IIIICE"...anybody who names a record Greenland is cool in my sux today..i'll post more later.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Barefoot Crab Shack

went to a crab fest yesterday...little styrofoam bowls with spider legs coming out of them...for some reason the music was not very condusive to a shell fish festival...alot of bangin on stuff and pulling pockets inside out...i heard one band was interrupted mid-song to announce the raffle winners...walked by my first apartment in nyc...didn't miss it one bit...eric told me a story about jimmy pages' all black room at swan song records where he preformed magic and drank blood or some, how bored do you have to be?...this is another self portrait...this ran in a magazine once.

You Could Have A Change Of Heart

saw Talladega Nights last night with max...SPOILER fucking ruled and i wanna go again.
this is a rejected drawing from the store that bears that name.
i'm not kidding about the movie...unbelievable.

Friday, August 04, 2006


ok, sombody over at don hill's owes me a sweatband for stealing my fashion

Bummer In The Summer

arthur lee died yesterday...not in his castle like i would have hoped...damhave here played Love and Blues Magoos and other staples of my life when i was 17 and he was was his dad Sven's collection...matt was a little dandy who always got "Austin Powers" yelled at him at Cordova mall...i was a chubby skater dude who wanted to be a D,C. vulcan or a Gravity highwater's hilarious to see all that pathetic goth hardcore shit from san diego be so huge now...check The Horrors from london if u want to see Antioch Arrows legacy...any damn way...matt hates guitars now and loves weed...i still listen to jawbreaker...alot...who knew?

Play Misty For Me

the following email is from my buddy jeff.

hey j,

i checked out that christian death video on you-tube. that show is from the 90's. probably right after the singer was in a band called shadow project and right before he died/ killed himself. for a while there were two touring bands called christian death; his version and the second lead guitarists' version. there is a video from the '80's on there for a song called "cavity" that's from the era when i saw them; shitty video but better sound; or at least he sounds better. i doubt it's the same show but the one i saw was a pretty big deal when i saw, with printed programs and stuff, it so it could have been video'd.n i'm headed for limewire now. oh, the album with the original of romeo's distress is called 'only theater of pain.' there's another version on either 'catastrophe ballet' or a french e.p. called 'death wish.' j.d.

so...yeah, nerd alert. this is how our conversations go...pretty much All The Time...hey dudes, i drew the opening page to it out...Amys rad...i saw the band Saviours last night...holy shit...i think i went to vacation bible school with the singer...he looked 16 and kept saying..."cool" and "party" and "let's get fucked up" ripped.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Don't Have No Breath

this is dave...he calls me if jessica stam gets a new spread in Purple or 10 magazine...he used to work at Rejoice and would dance to Tu-pac cds instead of his zine at the aNYthing store it's called FUCK THIS LIFE.

Yer Blues

Happy B-day Adam...i listened to yank crime this morning and dreamed of vegetarian pandas crying at a workshop on womens issues...then brighteyes totally buys my witching hour discography on ebay...anyway, hope u get rocky mountain high in the vip bathroom ya buddy.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We Jammin'

made this for Josh D. to trade for a Gang Gang shirt...i hope i get the reggae colors...this dude is a Ethiopian pop star...i just loved this photo pretty much...i don't have any Ethiopian pop music...which is a damn shame.

Ditch Digger

got these final designs the other day for some shirts i drew that are coming out...soon? not sure...glad dave took out the mets chain on dolphin boobs...hope mom doesnt get bummed on that one...bought lime green slip-ons yesterday and decided im gonna start skating again when the heat wave lets up...cross-country skiing is hard on my body...even when its in a gym and u don't go anywhere.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


cant stop listening to Sparks...made this for brads mom last year at christmas...he gave it to her as a present..still makes me laugh...i did a watercolor of a white-tailed deer for my dad one year...its the kind that he always shoots.

Bikini Briefs

i think lindsay and i would get along great...she would prolly think i was a creeper if she saw this though.

Touche The Sky

figured out that the kids in the hall sketch where kevin mcdonald puts salt in his eyes in the funniest thing ive ever seen...i also learned that primal scream "loaded" is the best song in the world that no one seems to like...this is a picture of me from 2001...what a boring year.