Thursday, September 28, 2006

Westbridge Cribbler Weed

listening to "The Best Show" alot today...super rad Bryce call...check it out if yr down with the leaf and promoting peace... think this taco would get high and listen to public radio...right before i eat his delicious ass.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lido Shuffle

this is my entry into The Jewish's "Design Our Record!" contest...more details to come.

& THE JEWISH - midnight
Spiegeltent, South Street Seaport, Pier 17
207 Front St , New York City * $10 * 10 PM


just got an email from an old buddy, sean mahan...totally rad painter dude i used to make alot of art with in college...and pretty much spend all my time with as well...he made me eat sushi for the first time!!!! i cant get enough of that crap!!! you should go to this show he is having because he's a major dude for alot of being that our sk8 crew was called the trashmen and we would only sk8 garbage...two being that he had alot of galaxie 500 on audio cassette...ok, u get the picture...i made this drawing today cuz i love these bands..duh.

Rappin Duke

this is my computer sketch of my new jordan v' i know why these damn things cost so much...they are amazing...watched some stella episodes last night...can't believe how such garbage can run on tv forever but this show cant make it one summer...i guess it is pretty damn bizarre...anywho...hump day....hrrumpf.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Poof Goof Of The Year

jammin on some dead today...a little ripple will do you fine...well i have a new haircut way into it btw...i wanted to take a sec here and thank everyone who came to the show...i love all of you...even the bag lady with the camera...went looking for some tennis shoes today...something with real dice...size 12 is a bitch in this town...can't wait to get the f out of this office and make a nutritious dinner...jesus i'm boring.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ying And Yang

Megan says she can "unleash the full possibilities of my hair" later when u see me say something nice about it...u know how sensative i am...max gave me a one of a kind t-shirt that will make everyone jealous...came to pizza party as it was wrapping up and dave sander and irene were eating tons of candy...thought that was eating Katz's Deli today in the office because the jews are having a holiday as usual...looking forward to that...dunno what to do this weekend...prolly fun stuff will happen if i just meditate and let the universe unfold in front of me....this drawing shows how obsessed i am with joan of's strange because i don't normally like french people.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Country Vampires

hey dudes, im in a non-profit art show tonight in billy-burg...come by and we'll talk about heavy shit back to the future season mets games...i'm gonna try not to miss any of these...i've been a bad metropolitan for the last month but i'm pumped now...i was listening to a radio performance by chan marshall yesterday...she sounded rad and talked about being sober and i found it very moving...i saw her laying down outside of the pink pony one day at like 2 in the this ones for her and the bad southern genes we get.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dantes Cove

i keep seeing these ads for "Gay TV...No Apologies" in the west village...who the f would u have to apologize to?...the dude that walks around in chaps and angel wings?..."sorry, im watching gay tv"....i bought shoes yesterday that are boderline orthopedic in an attempt to fix my aching body...air soles, it makes a big diff...i think i might be ready to go hiking or something, im sick of this town right now...blah...these drawings are old but they ring very true today, or something.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mr. Marijuana

joshua asked me to do the tour shirt for his band vietnam with jenny lewis...i accepeted a bag of mexican xanax as payment...i hope he talks me up to jenny because truth be told she kinda moves my mountains...having lunch with my family in a bit...gotta keep it light, field greens? maybe a cheese platter...watched white magic last night and the management wouldnt let the beatniks sit on the floor...fuck the pigs...met saras friend meryl and she said she googled me and i and mcleod agreed that wowee zowee is the ultimate pavement experience...nuff said...saturday night i will dancing to the dead with my brother high on pillz if you need me...or just standing with my mom and dad explaining how college wasn't a total wash-out while having a coors light...regardless come see my dumb art i never thought would make it out of my you all.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Weird Chicks

oh man...The Low Down Dirty Dawgs are reuniting Saturday night...ill be up front playiing air bass if you need me.... SATURDAY NIGHT SEP. 16TH STUDIO B 259 BANKER ST. GREENPOINT AV. "G" STOP (MESEROLE+CALYER)

Winter Salads In Polish-burg

made this for sam jayne, better known as my soul mate, yesterday...this show should prove to be amazing...sams got a dylan rolling thunder-esqe line-up for white magic's new stuff is really check the damn thing out...had a salad with bacon in it last night and i fell in l-u-v....werd.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


holy moley...the stocking stuffer of the 06 holiday season is here!

My 2 Major Dads

had a micro sesh at motorcity last night...i played phoenix and got alot of props...weird huh?...its the gayest music i own, i guess it fits fashion weak...regardless, sam and i played old dc punk jams and wilded for a bit...had a ton of fun...hanging the show tonight...cant wait to get this shit up...parents and brother are here friday...hope the like cussing and boobies...this drawing is in the show...havnt figured out what to charge yet...somebody help me.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I’m a Waste of Time

for any of you who know this title reference...congrats...i had always heard about the film "Ladies And Gentlemen..The Fabulous Stains"...but i never sat down and watched it...its so f'n great i was kinda shocked...being punk has got to rule, i think?...i need full medical coverage so it wouldn't work out for me...last week i thought i was dying, but im not...i was gonna go out with a bang on saturday at the show and go into a cave somewhere in new england and suffer in just being dramatic, but i am excited i dont need surgery...i did alot of shit on saturday but the most fun was djing with michal on Gay Beach( it...pretty rad tunes and even a freestyle!...anywho...big sorry to amy k. for leaving a party without saying goodbye...i get sidetracked easy i guess...but its fashion week!...get yr fash on!...vomit.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Butthole Pleasures

hey kids...just in case you have to come support me or we're breaking up....there i said it.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


more drawings from back when i didn't no how to express myself sexually...boner bunnies are pretty weird at any rate...think im going to dash snows opening tonight...i really dug the collage on the sux today so i gotta get at it...peace

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


watched the first disc of "Weeds" last night...shes a babe...billy crudup is a fucking d-bag...listening to Amys show on aint afraid of tears for fears...thats max is 30, but we don't have the party till tomorrow...its gonna rip i think...this drawing is dedicated to his love for hardcore girls and workshopping through his problems.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


croc hunter got murdered by a stingray this weekend...always thought he wouldve gotten his head biten off by a tiger or something more dramatic...ive got to draw non-stop this deadlines...cant beleive the fuse show is almost here...and now they tell us that there is a closing party too, fuckers are gonna be so sick of me by november...but it will be fun..i garun-tee...these are more weird drawings i used to do in my apartment on meserole in that place was a dump...but i lived with rad bros so i didnt babbling...peace

Death Treats

summers over kids...i like to think i went out with a blast, but i had a super lazy labor day which suited me just fine...missed mets v. braves last bigs...ate the best chicken of my life at diner...watched arrested development with tim...i laughed like an idiot all day at that shit...gang gang sunday marked a triumphant return for the raddest band in the world...oh man the ripped hard...laughed at the weird streetwear kids that came to see spank rock...havnt seen so many stupid nikes i dont want in my life...found a ton of old art that i thought was gone...this one is my fav right now.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor Dude

last summer weekend dudes...make it super fun...maybe a kegger? maybe seeing a summer crush nude in a dressing room?...just make sure you grip it and rip it...last night i hijacked holy hail's dj set for a sec to play my new fave song "the wheel" by jerry garcia, then it was off to the vma party for cee-lo that rapture was doing...chilled with vito for a sec but it seemed hopeless for a scrub like me, so i jettisoned to daddys where sam and mcleod were jamming the best tunes...there was a grateful dead block complete with everybody singing into the headphones/shitty mic...basically i still freak everytime "touch of grey" comes on...jensen was killin quizmaster...but i had to eat so i bailed...rad thursday...gotta figure out what to do till sunday when gang gang fucks up the mccarren pool...i think its rainin the whole time...woof