Monday, July 31, 2006

All The Young Dudes

had a blast with toko and john yesterday. they played a free show in mccarren pool yesterday on the new tremendous stage that was built for bloc party im guessing...they looked extra backstage and totally slammed redbulls...saturday i whipped the hell out of a pinata for a baby shower...rad weekend...made this flyer last year and i think alot of people got aroused.

Friday, July 28, 2006

"It's Called Getting Down"

Hey Dudes, I know miami vice comes out today and you'll all be at the late show, but Toko's in town and tending bar tonight and im dancing to my own records just like Buck here at Enids...i'll be there round 12... come by when friday night starts to suck...which it always does.

Dumb Waiter

Luke from Rapture played this song for Max...Max played it for me...I became obsessed with it for its a drawing and i'll never forget the majesty of Uriah Heaps music...thanks dudes.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


i think this title comes from a dave pajo song...maybe the one where he is in front of WTC on fire?...cant remember...but yeah, breaking up sucks...duh.

Lucille 2

watched "play misty for me" for the first time in my young life last night. jessica walter is terrifying, but its actually kinda hilarious to watch clints facial expressions as he attempts to deal with her crazy ass. the basic moral of the film is that one night stands will get u and your maid cut the f up. this drawing of joan of arc was a study for one that was real big but i think i lost it. joan always makes me hoo.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


i was supposed to go to earlyman last night but i kinda drank frozen margaritas instead. max got me on some employee guest list and i flaked. he said i was blacklisted for life. hope he was kidding. this is the rejected drawing i did from when i tried to combine him and shankman into one person. for some reason if combined they are the spitting image of yellow submarine era ringo starr...hmmm. oh yeah, get shellac tickets now...they are playing at this gay bar in my neighborhood.

Elliptical Training

spent yesterday at the gym for the first time in months. we were fighting but now we are in love again. had an amazing session of kareoke....Jensen hogged the mike with his alchoholism...i did Holy Diver and was informed that "i killed it"...this was a tremendous ego boost and has sky rocketed me out of my crippling depression.....bought a cyclists hat at Supreme yesterday too...i wear it backwards and try to look like lance armstrong. this drawing is really old but i still think it holds up.

Monday, July 24, 2006

More Indians

ummmm....this was the fucking anthem...still get, this is so screamo

Hardcore Blues

this made me a little nostalgic today, i have to admit. i listened to this band endlessly in high school. i hadnt heard slint yet, but these guys clearly did. you know what though? indian summer is better, yeah i said it. gimme hardcore any day of the week, indie rock can sit and spin.

Weekend In Cabo San Lucas

heres some weekend drawings while i was on a mexican pussy hunt. Muy Caliente!

Lady In The Lake

went to see the new Sham-a-lama-ding-dong movie yesterday. accidentaly called it The Lady In The Lake and the girl didnt know which movie i was talking about. this was due to her complete lack of being able to speak american. anyway, my pre-show game of time crisis 3 with a broken gun was more fun than this movie, actually it isnt really that bad, its just kinda written by babies for babies. make sense?

Friday, July 21, 2006

We're A Cover Band

i gave this to brad and courtney shanks when i first met them nearly 5 years ago. jees was in the old rejoice store..nows it torn down...f.

Rave Till Dawn

i got an idea for a drawing of a busty goth girl in 100 degree heat walking to work...due to the fact that i saw a busty goth girl in 100 degree heat walking to work today. This is a shirt soon to be released by my buddy John. he drives a 4 wheeler with his baby in hawaii in the middle of nowhere.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


i remember this bad ass girl at my high school. her name escapes me, but believe me, she was a total whiggerbilly.
anyway, this was a private sothern school, prolly about 99% white, so she got fucked with....hard. i spent some time in key west one summer and while i was gone my buddies went to mcdonalds eveyday to give her a hard time. once the got a meal, took it out, put a lit bottlerocket in the bag and went back through the drive through. man i wish i could remember her name..anyway she took the bag and opened the son of a bitch up and ZZOOOOMMM...that rocket shot all over the mcdonalds they drove alway my buds said they heard her scream "Holy Shit". i missed the funniest thing ever cuz i wanted to party in margaritaville. no wonder that girl was such a bitch. anyway, this drawing makes me think of her.

Love That Joker

this is my favorite flyer ive ever done i was good too. more LAL outtakes from the vault to come.

Gift Of The Magi

mornin. so i made this fantasy oriented drawing for my bud jason on his birthday. the problem was he never had anything to
transport it with. so after three attempts of trying to give it to him i gave up. now he wants it back. damn...this story is boring....just stop pulling at my emotions dude....hey, i watched a movie last night with a little richard cameo. he was on a boat and his hair blew around in the wind...what a talent.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Could Go On Forever!

more rejected artwork. i can only think about thai food though...
this drawing is of my bud Jeff Jensen. i drank until 7 in the morning in his front lawn on saturday
i learned i know little about 19th century literature and even less about being good at charades. he's writing the forward
to my book thats being published this fall....more later.

Soooo....Whats next?

bloggings kinda fun huh? i've been doing it for 45 minutes and i pretty much rule at it.
this is a rejected drawing i did a year or so ago. i think i drew it just cuz it made my pants
get a headache.

Shhhh....It's Still A Secret

This blog is still a secret..i havnt told my many fabulous friends about it yet...but dont worry it's coming.
this drawing became a record cover for my freind Jared's band. when handed to elvis costello at a meet and greet
he was quoted as saying "i like this". this is good coming from a man who has never made a record i liked.

Ok, Here We Go

Ok dudes, I'm starting this after years of being a stalker on the web to try and get some shit out there.
So i draw alot right? Why not post it for the peeps? I'm Using this to get new work up and let ya'll know about
some goings on in my life, which aint alot. So i'll put up funny drawings and we can cyber laugh about it all
the live long day. So heres some images from my latest job, more details to come.

Hey Ya'll!

ok this is my first post so bear with me