Friday, March 30, 2007

War Frat

turns out has done it again kids...that new one had me skipping to work i got some acoustic j. spaceman...pretty sad dude...note to self...dont o.d. on esctasy...this show is gonna be bad ass...a little retarded bird told me that meatballs the band is soon to be a top shelf nu-hippie metal act...i would catch this show if i were you, before the 'balls start their month long residency at Rowdy P's in Pyramus, NJ....tgif!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


couple of things that i've been doing lately include watching every episode of Metalocalypse everyday and seeing Jonny, Skyler, and Adam's new band, Children....both pretty much are the raddest things i've seen in a while...i'll keep you updated on the next show so you can say you were there when it's everybodies favorite band...hang tuff ya'll.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


check out adam wills voice over poweress...somebody drop a dime on 'em to tracey morgan.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Pool Of Piss

made this years ago with my bud greg...i think it holds up...i've heard many disparaging and heartbreaking things today, i hope none of it is true...but i'm probably just dreaming.

Friday, March 16, 2007

"I am big. It's the pictures that got small."

found a bedframe last and meg put it together and it's like having a new bed...i can't believe what a weird child i have been for so's refreshing to do normal stuff like that...been a little obsessed with old movies as you can see...this ones based on The Outlaw with Jane Russell. which i havn't brothers birthday is sunday, i think he's 26...have to check on that...started to rewatch a documentary i have on black metal, kinda dull the second time around, kinda like black metal.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hollywood Babylons

can anyone explain to me why television is such an endless flowing river of misery?...every show is some dude with a neatly trimmed beard or a sassy lady with a ponytail pawing a dead body for an hour...i clicked through like 5 channels and i saw bullets going through brains, heavy sobbing, girls with parents that make them do porno, and ladies who get punched by their kids in the face...maybe i'm just a square but i'd rather watch bill cosby open his mail on tv than endure this unprecedented torture...i'm giving this new andy richter show a chance tonight...i'll get back to you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


greetings...hope life is going well for you all...i rearranged my room and threw out tons of clutter, so i feel much better...megan hung my diploma up and it feels a bit says that the faculty and the trustees all agree that i'm good at film/video...this is a dubious notion...i really only ever wanted to talk about movies and memorize the years that they were released, when it came to actually do it, i can't say i ever really got that much of a thrill out of it...only when i was making my senior film(the last thing i ever shot)did i ever really get into it, but even then i wanted it to be over so i could just ride my bike and fill bulk food bins at the health i draw weird pictures for weirdos, guess i need another certificate for that.

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Pina Colada Song

got a wonderful haircut last night and i found a beautiful diamond ring today...i guess you could say things are lining up for me...tonight i will rollerskate, drink a beer, dj my favorite songs, and then dance to them...if you people wanna don't worry and be happy i'll be at St Jeromes 155 Rivington St (Cross Street: Between Clinton Street and Suffolk Street) around's me and jay green and WOWCH bros, so you know you will probably like 40% of what's getting played...c'mon you can't beat those odds on a friday night in the lower east side.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


man, i think ya'll could use some new bags...right?....don't argue with me, just read this from megan...

HI, As some of you know, I have a small line of bags
called Cat People. I have been selling them mostly by
word of mouth but I am trying to expand my business
and I am now taking orders. Below is a link to my
Blog where you can look at the latest styles and get
information about how to place an order.

Thanks for your support! Meow...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chinese Babies

saw "play misty for me" again...just keeps getting better...started drinking green tea alot, it's alot less heavy as english, my life is sorta boring huh?...killer party tomorrow night, but you prolly already know that...hope i don't let anyone down.

Monday, March 05, 2007

A Bunch Of Art On A Virtual Wall

hey in this virtual art show that my good buds annie and derek put together...if you figure out how to work it could you tell me?...thanks.

Directions to GHava{SL} Center for the Arts:

1. Go here to sign up for a free account:

2. Download the free application when prompted and sign on.

3. When you are in-world, you can walk quickly through the short guided tour on Orientation Island that shows how to use SL. (or just rambo it and skip this step.)

4. Click on "SEARCH" at the bottom of the screen and search for "GHava{SL} Center forthe Arts". Choose the one that has the symbol of a house next to the name. The listing will come up and you can just click "TELEPORT" and you will instantly be transported there.

5. You can also search for "Xantherus Halberd" (Annie Ok) or "Rhizome Szydlowska" (Derek Lerner) and send us a message by clicking "SEND IM" on our listing. That way, we will know you have arrived and can assist you.

Basic help and tips on how to use SL:

Camera tutorial video:

CBS News video about SL:

Sundance Channel video about SL

Any Major Dude Will Tell You

ok, so i just finished some tour art for love as laughter...why you say?...well they are going on tour with some crappy band called molest mice, or something...looks like someone likes them cus this shit is sold out fer weeks...tell 'em kountry crafts sent ya and you might get a bong load blown in yr face for free!'s the dates kiddies...

Wed Mar 14 Crystal Ballroom *sold out* Portland, OR Thu Mar 15 Crystal Ballroom *sold out* Portland, OR Fri Mar 16 University Theater *sold out* Missoula, MT Sat Mar 17 Gallitan County Fairgrounds *sold out* Bozeman, MT Sun Mar 18 Ramkota Exhibit Hall Sioux Falls, SD Mon Mar 19 Playmakers Pavillion Fargo, ND