Friday, January 30, 2009

Tool Academy

Hey guys, this sunday we're doing it again... They said it couldn't be done, against all odds, money for nothing, etc, etc..... We are running scared like Crystal and Hines.... Translation: Max and I are playing records after the Superbowl this Sunday at Daddys (graham ave. & frost).... It's like dancing in the in-zone for 6 hours or having a winning streak like Tom Landry or riding on Joe Namath's motorcycle.... That means it's fun guys....I WANT MY MTV.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dire Straights

tomorrow i shall be committing caricatures live to paper for a low fee of 25$.... If you have ever wondered how i might mangle your good looks, now is your chance to find out.... plus it makes a great valentines gift, what better way to say "i love you"?.... ok then, here are the details in case my handwriting is misleading:

Octopi Studio Sale
Jan 24th

705 Driggs Ave, Buzzer 19

J Penry(live caricatures)
Antonisse Ceramics
Sovereign Beck Ties

Thursday, January 15, 2009

B. Ware

Made this some time ago, but it was a poster for something else that i was never quite pleased with. I still love this gorilla though and i've been very lax with the art posting lately. Takes a while to get my groove back so don't write me off blogosphere, i got worries.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thanks For The Mammaries

This is an actual storefront in Phoenicia NY.... Which part of it do you find the most terrifying?
At first i thought it was that she had receding hairline, but i changed my mind when it was pointed out that she has no fingers.

These two decided to forge an everlasting friendship in the wilderness.... Joe and I watched "Rock Of Love", which is an equally bonding experience. 

"Elimination really sucks for me"- Bret Michaels.

Meg, Joe, Val, and I went upstate in a blizzard last weekend... Sounds crazy don't it?.... Well thats what separates the lions from the cubs.... This is Mohonk Mountain House, we snuck in to enjoy tea time and a roaring fire.