Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Angel Eyes

This one takes me back. I bought this at 19 after hearing Warm Jets and figuring out Roxy was Eno's first band. This was also due to my 2 older buds in college being super Anglophiles that played darts and listened to Oasis and didn't take shit off of anyone. They once fought some guys from the local Army base at a bar with a mechanical bull. They typically got the jump on peckerwoods starting shit because they figured 2 dudes that looked like they tried out to play bass in Blur couldn't fight. I never had as much fun in my life as i did raising hell with those dudes. Cheers.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Broken Frame

Depeche Mode's second record. I always thought Vince Clark was on this one, turns out he had already left to start Yazoo. Stay tuned for more boring trivia!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Record Covers

One thing i try to do on the reg is make drawings of my records. I have hundreds of them and i never get tired of going through them for inspiration. This is Alan Vega's first solo record.
Check this out if need a refresher.

New Attitude!

Hey blog-dawgs, welcome to the relaunch of Kountry Crafts! KC 2.0! I've decided that I need an outlet again for weird ideas, art in progress, and little drawings that i make daily. It's really just another cheap ploy to make everyone pay attention to me, but my therapist think it will help me release my inner angel. So here we go! Get ready for court ordered creativity! Let's start with this painting of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, never heard of em? google 'em dude.