Thursday, July 20, 2006


i remember this bad ass girl at my high school. her name escapes me, but believe me, she was a total whiggerbilly.
anyway, this was a private sothern school, prolly about 99% white, so she got fucked with....hard. i spent some time in key west one summer and while i was gone my buddies went to mcdonalds eveyday to give her a hard time. once the got a meal, took it out, put a lit bottlerocket in the bag and went back through the drive through. man i wish i could remember her name..anyway she took the bag and opened the son of a bitch up and ZZOOOOMMM...that rocket shot all over the mcdonalds they drove alway my buds said they heard her scream "Holy Shit". i missed the funniest thing ever cuz i wanted to party in margaritaville. no wonder that girl was such a bitch. anyway, this drawing makes me think of her.

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