Thursday, November 09, 2006

We Know You Suck

thought my loyal readers might want to read some fun comments ive gotten about some of my recent work:

Subject: No talent
Date: Nov 03 2006 05:21:25 PM
Author: Jarshy

Hey Vice, why can't you find a decent illustrator? I don't think it would very hard to find someone who can draw a hell of a lot better than this fucking idiot. Me for example. Oh well.

i guess it's weird to get negative feedback this harsh...i'm gonna take the high road here, because this fellow is probably a sequential im sure his life sucks enough as it is...anyway, if you dont like my work feel free to leave a nasty comment like the coward you are...i'll be sure to exhibit it for all to see!


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like a eagle said...

your art makes me feel like i have sand in my balls.