Thursday, April 05, 2007

Major Briggs

ok so right off the bat lemme explain the origins of this image...josh from vietnam asked me to draw a shirt for them that was alot more offensive and gruesomer than this...he wanted blood and dead bodies, you get the i start to draw it and i find out through management that this will never fly...seing as they are on tour with some band teenagers love, the idea gets nixed...josh tells jayson from panthers and jayson offers to make stickers with his own funds...i know it's lame cuz it's josh's idea and all...i justify it because vietnam snaked a hippy slimer i drew from blood on the wall and never paid me for i being a jerk?...only time will tell...but i believe in giving credit where it is due, mainly because i would never draw this on my own...p.s. got tickets to Dr.Dog tonight!!!!!..can't hardley wait like seth green.

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