Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mother Nature On The Run

i went to see neil young last night for the first artist i have loved for more than half of my life...i finally coughed up 140 something to take meg to see the old man...since i never go to big rock shows i forget what turds most baby boomer rock fans are...during neils acoustic opener you could hear somebodies mom talk about how "A Man Needs A Maid" is her favorite song on "After The Gold Run"...not to mention some Becky doing the Phish dance to "Heart Of Gold", bear in mind we were all seated in the balcony of a church...classy...i yelled out "Mom you're embarressing me" and promptly got hit in the arm by meg...then during the intermission we tried to stand at the edge of the balcony to see the mish mash of stuff on the stage...the second the lights dimmed some tub of goo yells "ok back to your seats"...not an usher or an authority figure, just some dickhead who apparently needed a perfect view of crazy horse tuning...but the second the band went into "The Loner" i realized what i was seeing and how much i fucking love neils electric shit with the short, i had a blast, boomers and all....oh, and im doing pet portraits now, so hit me up...holla.

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