Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, so per Judi's request we had a party last saturday on the anniversary of the tragedy at Guyana... this is the revised invite, it was brought to my attention that my first attempt was deemed "morbid"... it was clear that i missed the sentiment of this occasion, so i made this version that was dead baby free.
Maddy and Peter were first.... they apparently couldn't wait to die.
our make-shift shrine.... don't judge.
get ready for space mac n cheese straight from hollyweird... i heard reports that it didn't work, but it was mostly from skinny drug addicts.
here's Megan getting the mood lighting just right for the sacrifice.
Martin Manly honors a forgotten hero...look closely and you can see that Jim autographed these from beyond the grave!
this was the drink of should do the trick.
yep, this is the death of the new 60's.... burn your headbands and MGMT records.


Ivan Berko said...

I thought those dreaded nu-60's would never end.

Sam said...

you did god's work