Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby Jane Hudson

sara made me a rad meal and then i passed out watching Rambo 2 while drinking pacifico and smoking a vanilla flavored joint...sounds like i made it up dont it?...max texted me that hes wearing my new dolphin tits shirt in dan marinos steakhouse in las vegas...also sound made up?...wearing an amzing outfit today and its doing wonders for my esteem...i'm gonna start drawing tons of pics of bette rad.


lonely plumber said...

your drawings are really good, and i like that you post lot's of drawings and things that cool people do. the chilli boots is my fave so far

maverick said...

Without much luck, I was searching for blogs about Art when I happened across yours. It's a cool blog. Evidently you like telling it like it is! I have a really great ebay website that is easy to use that you may like. If you get a chance, check it out