Friday, August 04, 2006

Play Misty For Me

the following email is from my buddy jeff.

hey j,

i checked out that christian death video on you-tube. that show is from the 90's. probably right after the singer was in a band called shadow project and right before he died/ killed himself. for a while there were two touring bands called christian death; his version and the second lead guitarists' version. there is a video from the '80's on there for a song called "cavity" that's from the era when i saw them; shitty video but better sound; or at least he sounds better. i doubt it's the same show but the one i saw was a pretty big deal when i saw, with printed programs and stuff, it so it could have been video'd.n i'm headed for limewire now. oh, the album with the original of romeo's distress is called 'only theater of pain.' there's another version on either 'catastrophe ballet' or a french e.p. called 'death wish.' j.d.

so...yeah, nerd alert. this is how our conversations go...pretty much All The Time...hey dudes, i drew the opening page to it out...Amys rad...i saw the band Saviours last night...holy shit...i think i went to vacation bible school with the singer...he looked 16 and kept saying..."cool" and "party" and "let's get fucked up" ripped.

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