Friday, September 15, 2006

Mr. Marijuana

joshua asked me to do the tour shirt for his band vietnam with jenny lewis...i accepeted a bag of mexican xanax as payment...i hope he talks me up to jenny because truth be told she kinda moves my mountains...having lunch with my family in a bit...gotta keep it light, field greens? maybe a cheese platter...watched white magic last night and the management wouldnt let the beatniks sit on the floor...fuck the pigs...met saras friend meryl and she said she googled me and i and mcleod agreed that wowee zowee is the ultimate pavement experience...nuff said...saturday night i will dancing to the dead with my brother high on pillz if you need me...or just standing with my mom and dad explaining how college wasn't a total wash-out while having a coors light...regardless come see my dumb art i never thought would make it out of my you all.

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