Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor Dude

last summer weekend dudes...make it super fun...maybe a kegger? maybe seeing a summer crush nude in a dressing room?...just make sure you grip it and rip it...last night i hijacked holy hail's dj set for a sec to play my new fave song "the wheel" by jerry garcia, then it was off to the vma party for cee-lo that rapture was doing...chilled with vito for a sec but it seemed hopeless for a scrub like me, so i jettisoned to daddys where sam and mcleod were jamming the best tunes...there was a grateful dead block complete with everybody singing into the headphones/shitty mic...basically i still freak everytime "touch of grey" comes on...jensen was killin quizmaster...but i had to eat so i bailed...rad thursday...gotta figure out what to do till sunday when gang gang fucks up the mccarren pool...i think its rainin the whole time...woof

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