Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Country Strokes

ahhh...i'm so bored today...wanna get out of here and start getting congradulated for stayin alive another year...lisa told me she lives for the strokes i'm listening to the 2 albums i have in a row...the musical landscape has changed drastically in the the 5 years ive been runnin around up here...i was already over the strokes then, after wearing out the Modernage E.P, months before...but truth be told, i'd listen to yeah yeah yeahs before i would hawkwind these days...same way i'd watch mr. deeds before fassbinder...i feel softer since the campaigning days of college...i guess one day it just hits you that "i really dont give a shit if people like depressing russian movies or not"...perhaps its these dark days we live in, but id rather be entertained, sorry film forum!...oh yeah, this is ben's wife...shes preggers.

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