Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Cuervo Gold

just got back from bama kids...had a blast...saw a funk band in a bar in my home town that did funkadelic songs, plus white rappers would freestyle...alot, actually...then at the bar down the street there was a sublime cover band!...complete with white dude dreads...why did i ever move away?...they didn't appreciate me yelling at them to play the silver bullet band, but what can u do? a few 45s for me and brad's triumphant return as the shittiest sports themed dj's ever...its at daddy's this sunday after the game...just remember that we were asked to do this so no booing when we don't play the shins or whatever people like these days...think more like "i can't drive 55" and you won't be so bummed...aside from that i really missed new york for 5 days and i'm happy to be back among friends...thanks to everyone who came to the show last was overwhelmingly awesome to have all my loved ones there and the strangers i just have to yell at tim harrington for breaking the f'n store.

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