Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For Cereal Ya'll

used to have a boys club when i first moved to nyc...guys i graduated with who wanted to make art, was called dropframe...woulda been cool but egos are a funny thing, they generally kill these kinds of communal efforts to try to pool a group of creative assets to make something bigger than the individual...i guess it's the kind of thinking you can rationalize while living in a bubble in college, thinking that you can take your name off something and still have all the glory...i don't speak to 50% of these guys anymore, but it isn't because of hard feelings or bitterness...i chalk it up to growing pains, which would make me the "boner" of the group...since i just wanted to draw all the time, i never really felt like what i was doing could co-exsist in a communal effort...i was outside the family structure, a "boner" if you will...sorry to make that crappy reference twice but i'm enjoying myself...i guess i'm talking about this because i did alot of drawings with "dropframe" in the title and i just wanted to explain where it came from before i post them...and to finally write about that part of my life that i can barely remember now...anywho.

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